Nothing to Sneeze At

I spent the entire day sneezing.  As far as problems for a day go, sneezing is a pretty okay battle to face.  If the problem of the day would simply prevent you from safely riding a skate board, the day went pretty well.  Sure, work was slow and a few projects are not shaping out the way they were first imagined, but overall a pretty good day.

I want to make a better effort at finding the really awesome stuff that happens day after day.  Most mornings begin with battling my five year old to just put on a friggin’ pair of pants, so rough starts are commonplace around here.  There’s lots of really good stuff around though.

This evening I was to meet my family over at my in-law’s place after work.  They in-laws are heading out of town for a week so Big Family Dinner was ordered (I would love to abbreviate this to BFD, but internet acronyms being what they are…).

I got to drive to their house, a twenty minute drive during rush hour alone.  Music rattled my car, I air drummed along with 20 minutes of ear splitting music (I don’t sing along with music because I honestly cannot remember the words of anything I listen to) and there was no one in the back of the car to tell me to turn on the switch to an audio book.  No one! It was awesome.

The draw back to really loud music pulsing out of a car is stop lights.  I don’t want to bother those around me, but I don’t know if I care enough about strangers to actually turn down my music.  I do turn down my music, but if there is ever an RPG mini-game that lets the player opt to not turn down the car’s music to gain evil points you bet I would seriously consider taking those evil points!

I came to a particularly odd intersection (weirdly curved roads, medians that make no sense) and turned down the tunes, but felt someone looking at me.  You know that strange feeling that creeps along the back of your neck when someone is looking at you from a distance? Totally felt that.  It is unnerving when driving.  My music was still loud, but I didn’t think it was loud enough to be bothersome.

I had to know who was staring at me so I looked to me left at this little white Cadillac.  The back passenger side window was half way rolled down and staring at me was an old dog just chilling with its head out of the window.  I swear as I looked over it nodded at me.  I was rocking out with a puppy.  It was an entirely wonderful moment.

So good things happen at weird times.  Later in the evening my kids combined forces to throw pool noodles and water wings down the staircase of my in-law’s home.  There was giggling until the toddler tried to throw a heavy toy bus down the stairs.  Like Farva tossing the fire extinguisher at the end of Super Troopers; in the spirit of the moment, but not exactly what the moment called for.  Good times.



6 thoughts on “Nothing to Sneeze At

  1. I’ve been startled when I pull into a parking spot and thought I saw a person in the driver’s seat, only to slowly look over and discover it’s a large dog presumably waiting for its human to return so it can drive it to the next destination.

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