Steampunk Arm-Mounted Phone Amplifier 

“Steampunk arm-mounted phone amplifier” is my favorite post title yet.  Ridiculous and yet to the point.  I got to play with scrap wood, spare parts and lots and lots of glue to build what my favorite steampunk prop yet.

Awhile back I built a desk based phone amp that now lives in the backyard for when my kids want music outside.  The project was quick, simple and really worked.  I had to make more.  Not more that were useful in any way, but more fun.

As this amp has to rest between elbow and wrist without becoming even more cumbersome, the sound hole is about 3/4 of an inch wide.  The sound chamber itself is maybe half an inch off the base.  There’s not a lot of extra sound amplification coming from this thing, but that’s not the point.  The point is fun gauges and brown paint.


I found the gauge print outs in an Epbot post here.  They fit the feel of steampunk perfectly and should be used in all projects.  I for one am looking forward to putting these on dining tables and wall sconces alike.

I used a bunch of scrap wood.  My aim was not making the final product too heavy so thin OSB was to raise the sound hole and a 1×6 board made up the rest of the unit.  In a first for me, I measured where pieces should go.  Last time I built an amp I ran out of wood.  Lessons learned! Bits were cut down with a miter saw, double checked for fit and then wood glue galore!

I kid not about wood glue.

Following that was sanding, drilling holes to put the rope that holds the phone in place through, and spray paint.

The amp is made to hold an iPhone 6.  If you’ve ever wondered how big an iPhone 6 is compared to a 4, above you will see that the 4 slips right into the base with room to spare.  I would love to show you photos of the 6 sitting in the amp, but my wife’s Samsung Galaxy whatever has an absolute garbage camera installed.  Total rubbish.

Note the hot-glue gun in the background.  Those washers, dial print outs, and thing covering the sound hole are all defying gravity thanks to excessive amounts of hot glue.  I knocked off the sound hole cover at one point.  More glue fixed the problem.  Hot glue to the rescue.

The unit attaches to the arm using a couple of stretchy rope things.  Very technical terminology here.  Like tiny bungee cords.  I tried a buckle system, but the unit just spun around my arm.  Funny, but not exactly what I was going for.

And there’s video featuring a bit of The Lillingtons:


5 thoughts on “Steampunk Arm-Mounted Phone Amplifier 

  1. Your hot glue gun is the coolest!
    Oh, so is your phone amplifier! Clever!

    Iiii stopped by because your blog makes me happy on the regular and I nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award. 😀 You don’t have to accept it, because you don’t have to do what you don’t wanna. But I really enjoy your blog and wanted to give you a shot for being awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

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