Cooking Up Some Blog Names

I’m really into cooking.  Playing with knives and eating fresh made caramel at the same time is basically the greatest thing about the modern world.  Like most anyone who is into cooking, I’ve considered starting a food blog.  I’ve come up with some potential names for a blog all about cooking for kids (which, even though this is a post with humorous intent and I probably won’t be starting a food blog anytime soon, already makes the food blog 4000% better thought out than the title ‘Shawn Writes Stuff’).

Here now, appropriate food blog titles from my kitchen:

What did my kids refuse to eat tonight?

Like Herbing Cats

How to Hide Cauliflower into Basically Every Meal

The Joy of Cooking Food That Will be Thrown At You

Chef’s Lack of Surprise

We Can’t Always Have Hot Dogs for Dinner

600 Ways to Make Mac-n-Cheese

No-actual Spice Rack

Plastic Plates Don’t Shatter

Batting Clean Up and other ways Parents Eat

Save it for Ladle

There’s Muffin To Eat

Wonton Destruction

Dough-n’t Make Me Turn This Meal Around

I Hope This Food Won’t Kale Us

Cooking for BROTHers  (nothing but soup recipes)


The big draw of food blogging is a pun title.  I need in on this.




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