From the archives…

My toddler brought home a day-care borne plague and is not exactly sleeping tonight.  The baby monitor is quite active so I’ve abandoned hope of writing any new that is also coherent.  So I’m taping into the archives!

Date Night (in 100 Words):

“Sure, yeah, I’ll be right here.  See you soon,” I say.  She walks away into the crowd and I stand.

No kids, no phones; date night.  This is going to be great.  Just being with my favorite person on the planet.

When she gets back.

I have not stood by myself in years.  No kids to wrangle.  This is awesome.  I should tweet this.

Nope.  No phone.

What do people do when they stand in a lobby? What do I do with my hands?  Am I talking out loud?

She’s coming back. Crisis over.

“I am so glad you’re here.”


Originally posted here (back in December! That was five months ago. 2016 is going crazy fast)
Good night, everybody!


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