Must Haves: This Summer

I’m going to look ahead to that wonderful time and place we call The Summer.  The weather is warm, the grass is green, political ads in the lead up to a general election fill the airwaves rendering radio and television completely useless, and the best part time for hobbies.  I’m hoping to try some new stuff this summer.

Here now, a list of hobbies I fully expect to adopt:

B Keeping – not the animals, that sounds terrifying, but just getting my hands on a ton of letter Bs.  Maybe keep them in a shoebox or something.

Getting my kids into quinoa.   I like a challenge.

Bike to work.  I work from my basement, so this will be totally X-treme!!!

Utilizing in greater frequency the phrase, “if these walls could talk” followed by a pensive silence.

Naming things “Boatty McBoatface” while planking.

Learning how to change car horns.  I want my horn to play “Don’t Stop Believing.”

Juggling milk jugs whilst playing the musical jug.

Running errands wearing a jester’s hat.

Creating really fast cars for shellfish.  I’m so sorry for this one….they’d be mussel cars.


This one got away from me.  There’s been so much rain today.


5 thoughts on “Must Haves: This Summer

  1. Weird. My goal this summer is to insert, “To be a fly on that wall” at the end of conversations and stare intently into the eyes of whoever is in the room with me.


    New Friend: Excuse me, I need to use the restroom. I’ll be right back.
    Me: To be a fly on that wall. ::Stare::

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