They Are Always Watching

I cannot explain how the child came into possession of a track suit.

After a couple years with the blog thing and photographing plenty of projects, events, outings and happenings; the five year old jumped into the game with me.  We are working on a super-duper secret mother’s day gift for his mom (she knows what it is; secrets are not well kept around here).

I asked him to help with sawing some cedar planks for our project and he was happy to help out, but first he had to get his Leap Pad so he could take photos.  First things first after all.

I photograph most of our household projects.  It makes for fun content and acts as way to easily keep my parents up-to-date on our goings on that does not involve calling them at 9:30 at night.  When every project gets photographed though, young minds think it is part of the process.  So he was starting the project off exactly how I usually do; snap a picture of the materials.  It was pretty dang adorable.

I handed over my phone so he could take our materials shots.   I now have a better understanding of why he is so scared of the miter saw:

From that angle it is freaky tool.  Now I have two dozen pictures of it to remind.

And then there’s the cedar planks:

These were eye level for him, so my phone memory is mostly cedar plank photos now.

It is always a pleasure to have him around for a project.  It is a panic inducing pleasure, with dust and sharp objects all over the place, but he pays attention in very surprising ways.  Having the occasional reminder that he pays such close attention is nice too.  These kids are always watching and they mimic.  Good golly do they mimic.  Every raised voice I use, every curse I mutter when I cut myself making dinner, every time I wonder aloud what goes on in the minds of Republican primary voters, the kids are watching and learning and making my behavior part of their own.  No pressure or anything.



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