The Chief is Going to Have Your Head For This

“The chief is going to have your head for this, Summers!”

Summers didn’t listen to the uniform in the seat next to him who called himself his ‘partner’.  Summers didn’t listen to anyone.

“This is just part of the job,” Summers said as his foot hit the gas and his cigarette flew out the window.

The partner sat, closed his eyes and hoped the car survived the ride.  There was no such thing as a routine traffic stop with Summers behind the wheel.


An hour later they were back at the station where the chief, red faced and huffing, was eagerly awaiting Summers’ return.

“Summers!” The chief extended every letter and his voice boomed through the station.

Summers tossed his keys to his desk and walked to the mustachioed commander’s office.  All eyes were on him.

“You want me to come with?” The partner asked.

“I’ve made it this far on my own, kid.  You’ll be fine out here,” Summers snarled.

“You’ve really stepped in it this time, Summers!” Taunted his long time rival.

“Stuff it, Winters.  I’ll beat this,” Summers spat back.  He pushed open the office door.

“Take a seat,” the chief ordered.

“You wanna know my side?” Summers asked.

“Side? There is no side.  You have yet another jurisdictional grievance filed against you.  That’s five this quarter.  I have to give you a verbal warning and we’re going to redo your training on informing Ireville when making a traffic stop.  I’m really tired of filling out all this paper work every time you make a traffic stop on the wrong side of the road,” the chief said.

“I joined the force to stop bad guys, serve my city, protect the good guys.  Not fill out paperwork,” Summers said.  He stared out the window, reflecting on the oath he took when he was first sworn in so many years prior.

“Paperwork, I will have you know, is an essential part of the bureaucratic process that keeps our society civilized and functioning.  You will do your part or I’ll have your badge, Summers! Do you hear me? I will have your badge!” Little bits of coffee bread flew off the chief’s mustache as he shouted.

Summers clinched his teeth, “fine.  I’ll fill it all out in triplicate.”

“That’s standard policy.  I’ve about had it with these renegade behaviors of yours, officer!  You’re on thin ice!”  The chief pointed to the door and Summers exited.

“How’d it go in there, partner?” Asked Summers’ partner.

“Kid,” Summers began, “get me your finest clicky pen.  I’ve got paperwork to file.”




The show would have been done three episodes in, but I’m pretty sure this is the plot to season two of The Wire.
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