Coming this fall to your favorite streaming service it’s…


Relive all your fondest childhood memories like:

Horrifying 8th grade moments!

Jaw dropping ignorance of world events!

Using the wrong word in the wrong situation!

Heavily debated inconsequential topics!

Technology that today’s kids laugh at on YouTube!

Music that sounded amazing to your generation, terrible to those older than you, and will be called ‘classic’ by modern youth!

Books that no one talks about today!

Awkwardness that caused your current social anxiety!

Hindsight humiliation of insisting you knew everything!

A distinct recollection that fast food tasted better long ago.  No exclamation point there.



Today is my birthday and my current project involves a lot of reflection on all the little life lessons that take us from kid to adult.  The finished book will be out at some point in the near-ish future, maybe, possibly.  Working on the project today I’ve been saying, “oh younger me was such an idiot,” so many times. A little older, a little wiser and hopefully less dumb year after year.

That’s for a different time though.

If you’re not busy and looking to help an indie author out on his ol’ birthday (yeah, I’m doing b-day sales pitch, sorry), head on over to my Amazon page and take a look at my books.  If they sound cool to you, they’re pretty cheap.  If you’ve already read ’em, I’d love it if you could leave a review.  Click here:


Thanks for reading!


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