The Easy Defeat of Door Knobs

Some time ago we replaced the locks on our front door.  The old handle was, well, old and would sometimes not actually allow entry into the home.  Quite the opposite of what one expects from a door knob.  So we swapped it out and put in a new knob/dead bolt set.  The dead bolt did not line up to the existing holes.  So we put a lot of faith in our neighborhood and ignored the problem of a non-functioning dead bolt until we could no longer could afford to do so.

The dead bolt became a necessity when, one evening, the resident toddler sneaked away from playing with his brother and mom as I was prepping dinner.  I imagine he did a cartoon style tip-toe walk with his hands in T-Rex position trying to be as quiet as possible.  He walked to the front door and moved the door knob from every one’s favorite ‘locked’ position to ‘unlocked’.  It was probably the loudest the door had ever been opened and he tried to run outside.  The dead bolt was installed the next day.

All was well in casa Cowling for months.  Growth spurts have occurred since the toddler’s escape attempt was foiled though and now he’s tall enough to unlock the dead bolt.  One does not find out a toddler can not only reach a dead bolt lock, but also position it so it serves no purpose in a simple manner.  No, we discovered the toddler could operate the dead bolt as, once again, I was prepping dinner and my wife and kids were playing when the youngest little trouble maker sneaked away.

“Wow, that’s a lot of sun.  So glad the rain stopped,” I said to myself noting the bright rays filling the dining room.

Then the creaky hinges of the front door betrayed the toddler as he made his way out of the house.  He was making his way to the front porch and calling the names of all his favorite people not currently living in our house.  Not only can he escape the house, but apparently he wants to.  That hurt the pride a bit.

I’d install another locking mechanism, but he’ll just figure out how to beat that in a few weeks anyway.  Could try reasoning the little guy, right?  That always works.



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