Patch Notes

To our loyal customers,

Thank you for your patience in this trying time for all of us involved with Table or Plastic Technologies.  Usually, we do not so publicly address patches to our app, but desperate times and whatnot.  The Table or Plastic App runs on user generated “alchemy”, basically coding that helps the internet work for you.

By downloading the new ToP App here are some changes you will be glad to see:

The app will no longer access Netflix and give all Asylum films 5 star ratings.  We apologize for any distress to your recommendations.

You will be unsubscribed from the Hammacher Schlemmer physical catalog.  We are still working with network partners to end the Sharper Image subscription and we are just as surprised as everyone else that one still exists.

Automated Taco Bell delivery orders are now an “opt in/out” function.  We thought of removing the feature, but then started using it and we cannot find the words to express how awesome this was.

The App had been making midnight phone calls to users and saying “Dolphin pancakes”.  The call will now happen at 8am.

The top news in your feed will no longer come from TMZ.  No one cares.

The “Spoiler Free” alchemy will stop  placing movie spoilers over images of Honda Accords with spoilers.

The in-app map of the United States is now acknowledges Missouri.

And the major problem, the one you’re seeing in the news of late, well, let’s just say the translate option has all of its letters now.  Instead of just the four.

We are continuously working to make the Table or Plastic app better and stronger and welcome your feedback.
Thanks for sticking with us.

The Table or Plastic team.



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