Writer Achievement Badges

We’ve all been there; a few hundred words committed to a project, everything is going well and things are coming together.  Then a shiny object shows up and the project is ignored a week.  It happens.  Writing is weird like that.  Staying focused is oddly difficult.

Never fear, fellow easily distracted writers!   Here are some Writer Achievement Badges to help keep you moving along.

Badges include:


plotThe PDF >>>>wrachba<<<<

And the ever popular:



Click here for the full pdf with even more achievement badges >>>wrachba <<<  it is short for Writer Achievement Badge, but Wrachba sounds like a really cool alien name.



There are seven total right now.  What other achievements are deserving of a badge?  I had “read a book from a genre outside your comfort zone” but that is oddly difficult to size properly.  Maybe “Successfully Avoided Social Media For an Hour to Get Something Done” or “Made a Back-Up Copy of the Manuscript Because DANGER Exists At All Moments”? One that I could use is “Rewrote the Really Preachy Part to be Less Insufferable.”  There are so many possibilities!



I’m getting back to work now…soon at least.


Big thanks to the artist community at OpenClipArt.org.

I’m going to sneak this in here at the bottom, you can download my free steampunk adventure book right here https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/532473


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