A Slight Delay in the Demise of Castle Dunlorm

A cloud of red smoke appeared in the middle of the room.  It flowed over itself before dissipating.  Where the cloud once was stood a figure wearing a long black robe and carrying a staff as tall as the figure itself made of twisting and winding wood.

The figure cackled as the smoke cleared.  “You have brought upon yourselves this curse! Scorn me and you shall no a fate worse than,” the figure stopped.  It’s crackly voice mumbled something and the figure removed the long hood that covered its face.

“This does not appear to be the throne room of Castle Dunlorm,” he said.  

The robed man stood between a coffee table that had been hosting a pizza box before the smoke cloud knocked it to the the floor and a television loudly tuned to the second period of an NHL playoff game.  Looking upon the man’s gray, scaly face were four roommates too scared to speak or even move.

The robed man looked between the roommates and the hockey game then moved his eyes over the tiny shared home.

He tapped his hands together and pondered his next move.

“I, um, well,” he said, “ha, well, yes, this is…this is embarrassing.  I’ve never done the cloud of smoke appearance thing before.” He tried to explain himself, but the roommates on the couch just stared at him clutching their pizza slices.

“Tell you what, I, oh golly, I will just see myself out,” he said.  He hobbled to the front door.

“You kids enjoy your game.  Sorry for the ruckus,” the man said as he closed the door behind him.


The roommates looked at each other, hoping for some cue on what to feel at the moment.

One roommate pulled out his phone and starting tapping at the screen.

“What are you doing?” Another roommate asked.

“I’m setting an alert for Castle Dunlorm.  I want to see how that plays out.”




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