Mark and the Voice in the Cemetery

It was a rite of passage in their small town, and as with so many small town traditions, no one knew why it was required.  No one questioned it either.

“Just go in, say ‘Dead Derrick’ three times and touch a headstone,” said the older student from behind the driver’s wheel.  The others in the car giggled as Mark’s door was opened and he prodded into the moonlit graveyard.

“You wanna play on the team or not, man?” the student in the passenger seat called out.

“Fine,” said Mark.  He took hesitant steps closer and closer and then farther and farther into the burial ground.

Owls called out to the night.  Leaves scuttled over the dry grass in a light breeze.  Row after row of tombstones sent shivers down the freshman’s spine.  He had had enough of a walk and stopped next to a tombstone that looked older than the town itself.

“Good a spot as any,” he muttered.  He positioned himself to ready for a sprint back to the waiting car and began his chant.

“Dead Derrick, Dead Derrick, Dead..” he was cut off.

“MARK!” A booming voice filled the cemetery so loud Mark thought the very trees rattled.  “You have disturbed my slumber and I will now eat you!”

Mark fell to the ground and scrammbled to his feet as fast as he could.  He ran back to the car with speed he did not think possible.

“Guys! Guys!” he shouted, “start the car! We have to get out of here!” His voice strained with each screamed word.

The others were laughing.  Loudly.

“What is happening? Why aren’t we driving?” Mark asked.

Mark looked over the car.  A parabolic microphone sat on the hood and one of the students was holding a box to his mouth that made his voice sound just like the one that yelled from the tombstone.

“Welcome to the team, Mark!” The driver shouted.  “Now head back out there and find our Bluetooth speaker.  That’s actually kind of expensive.”

“So you guys listened to me saying ‘Dead Derrick’ with the parabolic and right as I was about to say it the third time, used the voice modulator and a bluetooth connected cell to make the ghost voice?” Mark asked.

“Yeah, pretty sweet huh? No idea how they used to this.  Now go get my speaker!”



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