Things I’m Looking For in a Cult

Here we are right on the edge of another fun filled weekend.  There’s no telling what sort of adventures await! Well, kind of.  We’re heading to a child’s birthday party and repairing a sprinkler system.  But in case things get way crazy, I made a list to remind me of certain standards that must be upheld when approached to join a cult.

It could happen…

Some Journey karaoke.  Not too much.  You have to have some, but moderation is key.

Exquisite calligraphy on the welcome note.


Good conversation, solid comradory within the group, a BFF in the mythos of the subterranean 10 legged spider deity D’lithfgnrr; could we ask for anything more?  Yes.

Oysters would be nice; blue if possible.

A cure for what ails me.  There’s a pain in my leg like all the time.  Wait…a doctor, I’m looking for a doctor.

Really if there was cheap child care available, I’d join anything.

A solid range of chants

Strict adherence to a no cucumber on salad policy.

Foosball table in the rec room.


2 thoughts on “Things I’m Looking For in a Cult

  1. ::tapping chin::
    You sound like a leader. What I’m seeing here is not things that you require in a cult. What I’m seeing is the beginning of your cult. I think you’ve created something. Maybe you’ll find potential members to approach this weekend. I suggest writing your invitation in exquisite calligraphy.

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