This Bodes Well

My oldest kiddo will start school this fall.  His pre-school/day care situation right now is basically a school, so it won’t be too much of a switch.  But in kindergarten he’ll be expected to follow instructions to a much greater degree than he currently does.

Case in point, this:

I remember many a school day afternoon spent cutting out bits of magazines to make a collage of neat stuff found old National Geographics and other magazines likely to be found at a dentist office.  Students would spend time carefully mulling through the stack, finding the best pictures, diligently cutting them out and then using the worst glue sticks ever made to attach the prized pictures to an equally important piece of construction paper.

Not my kid.  I’m sure he heard the assignment instructions, followed them to their most literal interpretation, found a picture, glued the entire page containing the preferred picture to the construction paper and promptly stated he was done and wanted to go outside.  He probably got to go outside too.

School is going to be fun for him.


3 thoughts on “This Bodes Well

  1. I was much the same way. Clearly, this is the work of a brilliant mind who has no time for this bullsh*t. I like the way he thinks. Although, there is something to be said for pride in craftsmanship, no matter how insipid the task…but you have time to work on that!

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