Disappointed Duck Thing


Long before kids, long before mortgages and deadlines and even marriage, I was walking through the Denver Zoo with my dad.  I have no idea why we were at the zoo, but we found ourselves in an aviary.  This aviary had a path for people to walk through and housed a family of ducks that felt, rightfully, the path was theirs.  This was their home after all and we were uninvited guests.  When the family of ducks spotted my dad and I walking down their path they began squawking quite loudly.  My dad and I hurried by them and tried not to venture to near their personal duck space.  We failed.  We were chased out of the aviary by one very cross duck.

To this day there are times I close my eyes and see little white wings and a long orange beak trying to eat my legs.  It was a traumatic event and now I avoid ducks.  

I’m working on a book right now, but at the same time Humble Bundle has had some amazing packages lately and I’m still going through a bunch of Pathfinder stuff, and have you guys read Felicia Day’s new book?  Not to mention there are Mother’s Day gifts to build, so many projects for work I could be doing….I’m pretty good at finding other things to do instead of finishing the dang book.

I have found a good way to keep focused though; the disappointed duck thing above is a really passive aggressive note to self that is actually working out.  To keep from spending too much time on the internet, I’m using the Chrome extension Go*effing*Work – it prevents sites you select from loading when engaged – and I have an If This Then That recipe that sends me a message every night reading “You should be writing something”, another note from self dripping in passive aggression.  Apparently, I am motivated to work when threatened with disappointing myself or others.

Or ducks.  I don’t want to disappoint ducks or they will try to eat my legs.  To prevent that, I’m heading back to the book.

Thanks for reading!  Happy writing!


2 thoughts on “Disappointed Duck Thing

  1. I have not read Felicia Day’s book. That’s something I need to rectify. How is it? As for productivity sucks, I’m currently engaged with a video game called Dark Souls 3, which even within itself, like any good RPG, offers tons of opportunities to keep you from making progress. Such as spending an hour smacking walls in the hope that one of them conceals a hidden path that leads to a treasure chest you saw. And then you finally get to that chest and it turns out to be a monster in disguise that insta-kills you. Good times.

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    • Felicia Day’s new book is a really nice little memoir/autobiography mish-mash in praise of hard work and seeing things through. And working through childhood issues. Plenty of that too.
      Dark Souls sounds like a perfect productivity killer.


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