Harvey at Stella’s Umbrellas

Harvey ducked into a store front to escape the sudden rain.  Cloudy skies had never before appeared so suddenly and with rain of such grand volume; had this been forecast he may have stayed home, but he thought a nice early spring walk around the ‘hip’ part of town would make the day something special.  He was certainly getting an education in the new part of town.

The shop door sounded a bell and slammed shut behind him.  The room was filled with a-cappella music and all the walls were painted with what appeared to be a portabella mushroom pattern.

This is odd he thought.

“Hey there, fella!” An employee called over to him.  “Welcome to Stella’s Umbrellas.  That is quite a storm out there, ya?”

“Cats and dogs.  Fortunate to find an umbrella shop though! That’s seems incredibly niche for such a high-rent area of town,” Harvey could not help but wonder how many umbrellas could be sold in any one community regularly.

“Well, we also sell lots of citronella and flutes from Venezuela and props from all those Cinderellas.  Take a look around, all our stuff hella cool, there’s even a rack of fustenellas if you’re interested.  I’m just going to be here writing a paper on arcella if you need me,” the clerk said.

Harvey wandered the store a moment.  There certainly were more options than simply umbrellas.  He stepped through row after row of knick-knacks and trinkets when suddenly-

“Ouch! My patella!” Harvey shouted.  He cupped his knee and sat on the floor.

“Oh no!” The clerk shouted and ran to Harvey’s side.  “Don’t worry, I know just what to do!”  The clerk ran to the back of the shop and returned a moment later.

“Don’t you worry, sir, my abuela Isabella always made sure I had some petal from the predella to put on a wound like this.  The petals will heal you right up.  And if not, I’ve plenty of mozzarella that will at least lift the spirit!” The clerk laughed.

“Thanks,” Harvey said as orchid petals were placed on his kneecap.   In a matter of minutes his knee felt better.  “Wow, that really worked quite well!”

“I tell ya'” the clerk said.


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