Distractions Needed

My wife is watching Fringe right now.  Season 3.  I watched the first few episodes of Season 1 one with her and then stopped.  She kept going.  Here we are now in Season 3 and I am just so, so very confused.  I spend most of my television watching time with mid-2000s comedy crime shows where the most complex plots revolve around horse racing capers.  Go watch Psych, Leverage, Monk; it’s the weirdest thing.

There are a thousand things I could be doing with my time right now.

Instead, here are a few names I would give to a race horse just to hear it shouted over the loud speakers at a track by an announcer with old timey news reel voice:

Lincoln Bedroom Ghost

Remember That Thing You Did In 3rd Grade

Sweet Googly Moogly!

I May Never ‘Get’ The Sopranos’ Ending

Good Golly I Need a Doctor

*buzzing sound*

Behooved to be Moved

Harrison Ford’s Earring

Plastic Water Bottles Are Destroying the Environment

The Oven Is Still On

Sweetie Pie Will You Marry Me

Spoiler Alert

It’s Rigged

Pipe Organ Donor

Kale Storm

I’m Pretty Sure That’s a Platypus

Coming Soon to Theaters


There’s now a Frankenstein ballerina in the Fringe episode and… I mean, I can deal with some weird stuff…oh goodness it is now dancing like a marionette…yeah.  I think, had I been around to watch the previous seasons, I would have been prepared for these sort of shenanigans.  But noooo.  Netflix cheating hurts.



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