Pizza Delivery of the Future

The roommates cheered at the sound of the door bell.

“ZA!” Shouted “Dumpster” Dave.

‘Frogger’ Martino, the house Galaga champion of all things, opened the door.  He was met with a red pizza delivery bag hanging from the claws of a quad-copter autonomous drone.  The humming sound of the blades filled the stoop.

“Unexpected,” Frogger said.  The drone just hovered.

“So, I’ll just go ahead and grab that,” Frogger said, unlatching the claw and removing the bag.  He slid the pizzas out of the bag, handed them to Nick “Name” Park, and reattached the bag.

“We paid online, right?” Frogger asked.

“You know it Frogster!” Dumpster Dave shouted.

“Do I tip the drone?” Frogger asked.  “It isn’t going anywhere, guys.”

“Let me talk to it,” Nick Name Park pushed his way in front of Frogger. “Robot, do you require additional information?”

The drone hummed.

“Do you need a return command?” Nick Name asked.

The drone hummed.

“I have no idea what to do,” Frogger said, tossing his hands into the air and returning to the player two spot against Dumpster Dave.

The roommates ate the pizza, fought over the garlic dipping sauce and screamed at the TV during particularly glorious moments of their game.  All the while the hum of the drone sounded from just outside their front door.

An hour after the meal arrived, the door bell rang once more.  Frogger answered and saw a representative of the pizza chain holding a net which contained the drone.

“Hi, I’m Samantha with Pizza Source.  I wanted to apologize for our drone going all creepy.  Here are two coupons for free medium one topping pizzas.  Conditions apply, but do know that we take our drone delivery quite seriously and will work to correct the navigation issues for future deliveries.”

Her monotone recitation must have been uttered a hundred times before.  Frogger had not even said a word before Samantha started back to her car, netted drone in tow.

“What was that about, Frogertino!” Dumpster Dave shouted.  He had one volume setting.

“The future.  And it brought free food,” Frogger answered.

Once more, the roommates erupted in cheers.


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