This is Really Becoming One of My Favorite Ways to Pass the Time

Coming soon to theaters:

(Rom-com movie trailer voice) They were searching for oil, but found something more.

This fall see This is Not a Drill


(horror movie trailer voice) Zombies around every corner.  No path safe.  There’s only one who can save them all.

“I told you it was zombies!”

“Yes, we get it, you were correct. Now how do we kill these things?”

This Halloween; Dead Right


(yet another rom-com trailer) “I swiped right, but you know, I’m still not sure.”

“I totally understand, I’m nervous too.  Let’s get some dinner though, see if we feel better about this with food.”

Coming this Valentine’s Day, a rom-com for our time.  Reservations


(movie trailer voice) This Halloween, the Ents are ready.  Trick or Tree-t


(movie trailer voice) Howie came to the coast to help clean rivers with a eco-centric charity.  Sarah was the charity’s social media director.  Together they were Stream Dream Team Meme coming July.

(movie trailer voice) December 21 comes every year.  The first day of winter.  This year, Scott is trying something new.  His old baseball hat is being tossed aside and he’s letting the whole world see what remains of his lucious locks.  This January; Winter is Combing   (rated R)


(movie trailer voice) He conquered the known world.  His wealth knew no bounds.  His ability to combat mosquitoes left a little to be desired, but his most difficult (rap) battle was still ahead of him.

This March, Alexander’s The Great Mixed Tape  

Mace-don’t miss it!


Happy weekend!
Thanks for reading.


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