In Which Dogs Play Fetch

When we last saw our intrepid heroes, Talon had discovered a cottage full of secrets most foul and Griffin was playing game warden with a pack of winged dogs.  Certainly a bizarre day to begin with, but it grew only stranger as Talon was attacked by a shadowy figure!  What does the figure intend to do with the mysterious twin rings?  Find out now!

Griffin threw a slobber covered stick for what felt like the hundredth time.  The stick twirled and twisted as it rose higher and higher in the sky before being snatched mid-air by a malamute with furry blue wings.  As far as relic protectors went, these dogs were Griffin’s favorite.

“Good catch!” He called out to the malamute he had named ‘Dragon’.  A tiny winged Pomeranian looked down at him with sad eyes.  “You tried your best, Pigeon, you’ll get it next time,” Griffin tried to comfort the beast.

A third member of the pack began barking wildly at the sight of a cloaked figure running from the cottage.

“That’s not Talon. Good eyes, Bird-dog.  Pack! Fetch that ne’er-do-well!” Griffin shouted at his flying canine companions and pointed at the figure.  He questioned not how the dogs understood his commands, but he was quite pleased with the coincidence.

The cloaked figure held a stove-pipe hat to his head and ran as fast as he could away from the pursuing soaring puppies, but there was no escape. Bird-dog, a Dalmatian with two pairs of golden wings, grabbed the hat.  Dragon grabbed the man’s right arm while Pigeon snagged the left and the two worked to float the frightful figure over the earth.

Griffin was mere seconds behind the pack.  When he saw the dogs holding the bandit’s arms in their jaws he clapped.  “Good pups!  I don’t know what you eat, but you’ll get plenty of it as a reward for helping!” His words landed well as tails and wings wiggled with joy.

“As for you, why are you running from that cottage and where’s my partner?” Griffin’s tone shifted as he looked over the suspect.  Long black cloak, mechanical bifocals, a bow-tie and a deep purple shirt gave little indication of who, or what, the figure may be working for, but Griffin was sure they figure was working with something bigger.

The man scoffed, “you’re partner is in the cottage.  She’ll be fine.  She helped me obtain the twin ring; I owed her a debt for that assistance.  You, however, are now standing in my way.”

The man flailed and his arms slipped free of his coat.  He fell to the ground and grabbed the rings from his pockets.

“Legend states the rings provide control of the earth,” the man said as he slipped the rings over his left and right ring fingers, “it goes one step further though.”

His words ceased and his body jerked.  His clothes tore and the man wailed in pain as his features began to change form and color.

“Why can’t things just be easy?” Griffin moaned as the man’s transformation continued.

“You see the power of these relics now? They are much more than trinkets or decorations; they control the very fabric of our world!” The man’s voice was deep, booming and coming from ten feet in the air.

Griffin looked over the monster standing before him.

“Oh, that’s just unlucky, fella’,” Griffin told the beast.  “My guess is the rings’ power gives the wearer control over nature?”

“I am now nature’s avatar!” the man shouted with his hands raised to the sky.

“Well, nature’s avatar looks like a leafless tree.  You’re nothing but a big stick and my dogs love playing fetch.  Pack! Fetch!” Griffin laughed for a brief moment before his beloved dogs violently broke limbs off the tree-beast.  That had a profound impact on the moment’s levity.

The rings, stuck on twigs, fell to ground and were scooped up by Griffin.  He tossed the twigs to the sky where they were caught by a very happy Bird-dog.  The rings were placed in opposite coat pockets and he ran to the cottage to check on his partner.

“Talon!” he shouted entering the cottage.

“Oh goodness, you have to be so much, much quieter,” Talon said.  She was sitting in a chair in the first floor of the cottage holding her head in her hands.

“Guy got the drop on you, eh?” Griffin asked, much, much quieter than before.

“Came out of the shadows.  I saw your dogs take care of the problem though.  Good work.  We should make them a coop or something back at the safe house,” Talon mumbled.

“We can keep them? That’s wondrous.  Wondrous!” Griffin clapped his hands and smiled.

“Bigger problem now though; people outside our organization know about these relics and they know about us.  I don’t know what we’re going to do about that,” Talon mumbled a little more coherently.

“We’ll talk to the others.  We’ll get a plan in place.  This won’t happen again.  First, let’s get you back to the safe house.  Hey! I have an idea, you want the dogs to fly you home? They’re pretty fast,” Griffin helped his partner out of the chair.

“No, not at all.  That is pretty much the last thing I want to have happen today,” Talon replied.

The two exited the cottage and summoned the dogs for a long trip home.


Optional soundtrack is optimum fun! Opt to play and you’ll….hear sounds.  I need to learn more ‘o p t’ words.


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