Parenting Lessons from a Long Weekend

My wife and I are coming to the end of a long weekend.    Five whole days with the kids in tow meant lots of cheap coffee and trying to keep them occupied and ourselves sane.  Mostly copious cheap coffee.  We were supposed to be on a road trip, but that is a different story all together.  Things worked out quite well.

As the weekend ends it comes time to reflect on all the learning experiences we had over our time together.  Learning experiences! Wahoo!

I’m also crazy tired so this going to be a lot of pictures.  Here are some parenting lessons from a long, long weekend with the kids.

Geology is always more fun when dinosaurs are involved.  There are two responses to “This is called a Jurassic red bed; that means the rock has been around since Stegosaurus’ walked the earth”  A five year old creates an entire backstory for the dinosaurs that would have lived in this area (despite it being underwater when the rock formed).  A toddler will stomp on the ground and claim dominance over dinosaur kind. Dinosaurs will make pretty much anything more interesting though. 

Left over mashed potatoes?  Add flour to whatever is left to dry it up, ball them up then flatten the ball.  Final step? Fry ’em until golden brown.  This is the stuff long weekends are made for.  My kids actually ate breakfast beyond just an egg or cereal.  It is like, for some crazy reason, kids will eat food they like.  If only I shaped them as dinosaurs! Opportunity missed.

My wife and I thought a fun date-night-ish activity would be putting together a big LEGO Tardis.  Yeah, that’s all the same color.  Starting a LEGO build at 9:00 is just a dumb idea.  Also, remember to put the completed project out of reach of small children before morning.  11 has lost his luxurious hair and we’ve found the one true weakness of the Daleks; toddlers.


Some photos are grainy. That’s just fine.


It turns out toddlers love to share. They just want to share things no one else wants. When presented with snow to eat, say thanks and play along. Really the whole weekend came down to playing along with the kiddos.  Say yes as often as possible.


While completely exhausting, playing with the kids this weekend was just awesome.  Even though they totally suck at hide and seek.


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