Mending a Broken Heart

The apartment door slammed in his face.  He stared at “316” and listened to the locks engage.  Things had been going so well with Abigail, or so he thought, he was not really paying that much attention for the last few weeks.  That everything ended with him standing in the rain outside her door caught him off guard.

He got in his car and called his friend, as was tradition at the end of a relationship, and the ritual they had come to perfect began.

An hour later the two friends met at the home of the brokenhearted.  A pizza box was emptied and thrown on the ground, a boom box played a beloved 80s hip hop tune and the friends checked their matching Adidas and windbreaker outfits.  The newly single friend laid himself on the greasy box and began to do ‘the worm’ eventually making his way to rapidly spinning around in circles on his back.

For the best way to mend a broken heart is, surely, break-up dancing.



Totally worth it.
Thanks for reading!


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