Finding Treasure in the Basement of a Cottage

Talon held her hand against the red brick wall of the old cottage she was searching.  Outside, Griffin was playing with a pack of winged dogs that at first seemed quite terrifying with their razor sharp teeth and fist sized paws, but it turned out they wanted nothing more than to play fetch.  Griffin knew his strengths and went to play games with creatures of myth.

That left Talon to search the cottage.  They had come to the forested foothills seeking the twin of a ruby ring.  The rings were not much to speak of by way of looks; circular, red, old.  Apart, they were just ugly rings that a debutante would flaunt at a gala full of elderly politicians.  Together, their shared runic carvings and strange script etchings gave them the ability to open the earth.  Not exactly what Talon and Griffin’s organziation wanted to have floating around an area known as a major rail hub in the region.

Talon felt lost in the cottage.  From the outside it looked like a shack abandoned to the elements years prior.  Inside, the red brick looked shiny, the wooden floors polished and there was hardly even a speck of dust to be found.  That was just the first floor.

Talon found doorway leading to a basement, then another basement and another after that.  She had lost count of how many floors down she had traveled.  Each floor was well lit by the sun above.  She looked for mirrors that might be directing the sunlight down, but found no sign of any technology responsible for the light.  Every floor, while consisting of only two or three rooms each, was outfitted with burners and beakers, chemicals and gears, tools and books; the entire house was set up as a laboratory.  Who ever the owner of the cottage was, Talon suspected they knew exactly what the ring was capable of.

She held her hand against the wall to feel for any movement she was not causing.  She wanted no surprises and she investigated the final floor of the cottage.  This floor looked like none of the others.  Instead of being broken into smaller rooms, this was one open space.  There was no decoration, no furniture just a wall to wall shelf at the far side of the room.

“This place is strange.  And I chase down rocks that materialize dogs with wings,” Talon said as she stepped closer to the shelf.

The shelf had three ornately carved boxes resting on it, each evenly spaced.  “This took some care,” she said, admiring the   She felt her pocket suddenly warm.

“Barnum’s bells! Why is that so hot?” She shouted.  Her voice echoed in the empty room.  She reached into her pocket and tossed the ring, glowing and hotter than her cup of coffee that morning, onto the floor.  It pinged as it bounced across the floor.

“Ouch you little monster!” She shouted at the ring.  “I suppose that means one of these boxes has your twin, eh?”

She looked at the shelf to see light flood out of the center box.

“And you’re the twin,” she said.  “Let’s get you back to the safe house and let you disastrous siblings be hidden for eternity!”

“I’d prefer that not happen,” a voice said from behind her.

Talon turned and saw a hooded figure enter the room from the staircase.

“I’ve been unable to pinpoint exactly which of those boxes housed the ring.  Opening it without the twin present would have certainly summoned some malevolent creature of one sort or another.  Thank you, and your partner Griffin, for doing the difficult part for me,” the voice said.

Talon thought she recognized the voice and searched every memory of deep, slow paced speech she could recall.  Before she could identify the source, she felt something against her head.  Then she felt the cold brick floor.



Who could the figure be? What malicious purpose will the rings serve?
Stay tuned for the next installment of Griffin and Talon’s adventures!



Optional soundtrack? Optional soundtrack!


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