A Fine Moment


Proud dad moment of the day; a hand written note from my son. 

He asked for no help, drew the letters with no assistance, spelled the word from memory and handed it to me with such pride. It was awesome. 

I said thanks, over praised most likely (but this was cool!) and he told me to open the nite to see the picture he drew. 

This is when things got weird. 

The picture:

I like to think we are a house that encourages creative play and expression. I will not judge a child’s art in front of them and want my boys to know that there is joy in making things. 

“Neat picture!” I said.  “What is it?” I asked. He thinks I’m quite dumb. 

“That’s a giraffe that lost his eye because a bird ran into his face!” 

He scampered away like that was a something I have heard before. 

I don’t know if we need to be watching more or less Wild Kratts, but I don’t think this is the last injured giraffe we’ll be seeing. 


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