On the Fence

Spring always brings about a feeling of professional wanderlust.  I’m quite content where I am, but there’s always that what-if feeling in the spring.  Probably because the grass is literally greener right now.

Currently, I’m thinking of starting a fence construction business.  Here are some names I’m tossing around:

Fence Post Apocalypse

Olympic Fencing – The foil of high prices

There is No Fence Only Zuul.   (because we’d be gatekeepers)

The (Chicken) Wire

Residential Crowd Control   (not technically incorrect)

F.E.N.C.E.          (the acronym will come later)

Know Boundaries

The Missing Chain-Link

Make a Good Neighbor (focusing on really tall fences)

You Picket, We Build It


Happy Tuesday! Thanks for reading.



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