Outdoor Amplifier

In my pursuit for lunch hour projects, I came across this gorgeous amplifier project .  Click the link to see what could be if more than an hour is dedicated to putting together a neat piece.  I saw the project and thought it would make a nice addition to the kid’s play set.  A neat dock to bring music outside where wired speakers cannot reach sounds like an awesome addition.

I excuse of lot short cuts by saying these projects are intended for kids or to be beat up and forgotten in the rain.  One day I’ll make something for practical use.  One day I’ll have more than hour to make stuff.

Here’s my spin on the project.

Started out with a plank of wood that was in the house when we moved it.  Old, dirty, perfect.  I found a strip of 1×1 board to fill in the area between the backer piece and the front. If you click the link to the original project, you’ll see the 1×1 is meant to go around the border and ultimately create a stand for the phone to sit on.  I ran out of wood.

Easy fix!  I used part of the chunk sawed out of the front face as a platform, put a 1 inch spade bit through it and glued it in place.  I am not accustomed to using wood glue, but this project used lots of it.  Difficult to get everything to stay in place with clamps at first.  There were so many clamps.

The original project suggests using a hole cutter to create the sound holes.  I do not have hole cutters, but I do have a jig saw and a constant coffee induced shake going on.  Circles are tough, but they happen.  I do have a sander attachment for my power drill though, so smoothing out the edges was pretty quick.

Overall, a really quick project.  Sizing the filler pieces took some time, figuring out how to fix my screw ups took some more time.  It is sturdy enough to hold up well against children and does amplify the speaker pretty well.  If the wind ever dies down around here, it’ll be fun to take it outside and listen to loud enough tunes while the toddler digs through the sand box and the oldest tries new, increasingly dangerous, ways to go down a slide.

There is a ton of potential with the simplicity of the design too.  The original project is display worthy and classy.  I would love to see a steampunk variant (might even build that for my desk).

As my phone is my camera, it is difficult to take a picture of the unit in work.  So here’s the loudest banana ever.


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