Night of the Pizza

My dog, Fido, barked as the Romero Pizza delivery driver approached the door.  It was week four of my pizza marathon and, 28 days later, I had returned to Romero’s.  All the local pizzas taste alike after a little while, but there are slight nuances that make them each special in their own way.

The delivery guy knocked on the door.

“Sorry about the bell, you have double tap it to make it work,” I said opening the door.

“No worries, mate.  You’re my last run of the night then off the pub for a pint,” the driver said.  His cockney accent was quite out of place for Evan City, PA, but I thought better than to mention the obvious.

“That’s a neat statue ya’ have there,” he said pointing to my marbled Sumatran Monkey statue on display in my hallway.

“Thanks, I forget it is there sometimes.  Here’s your payment,” I said.

“And here’s your pizza.  Have a good night,” he said before heading back to his Jaguar and speeding off.

I opened the box before my door even closed.  Couldn’t resist.  “Sauce needs more sugar,” I muttered before tossing the rest of the slice to Fido.

I heard my mother’s voice run through my head, “Brains, kid! Use your brains and get a napkin.”  That was her pizza night mantra growing up and to this day I cannot eat pizza without first dabbing the grease off with a paper towel.  I swear, she thought that grease was radioactive sludge out to turn us into beavers or something.

In the middle of my third slice my phone rang.  I read the caller ID and answered.

“Carl?” I asked.  I don’t know if we had ever talked over a phone, we usually text.

“Yo!” Carl shouted, “Big Daddy and I found some fireworks and are heading to the cabin.  You in?”

I hated going to the cabin, it always smelled of ash and smoke.  “Nah, not tonight, man,” I answered, “but you guys sally forth and we’ll meet up tomorrow.”

The call ended and I went back to pizza.  Fido pleaded for another slice.  It was one pretty incredible night.



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