Bavocado Bacon Black Bean Burger

I’m going to start off here by talking about my parents. My parents were married on February 29 by a judge who was also a part time clown. Everything about that is hilarious and provides a pretty good background on how I grew up; humor was the cornerstone of the family.

Sure, with that as the cornerstone I now make inappropriate jokes at funerals and all of my formal socks have Darth Vader on them, but I learned to enjoy and respect people who who like a good joke.

I made black bean burgers for dinner. Super quick recipe and the kids eat it, double awesome. We had avocados approaching the wrong side of ripe so they became guacamole. Frankly, if you’re having guacamole burgers, you need bacon on them. I don’t care if the protein is vegetarian in nature, bacon up that guac! If my knowledge of the In-n-Out secret menu holds true, this is called the “hypocrite,” adding bacon to a veggie burger.

My wife found this hysterical. She demanded I write about the bacon and black bean burger combo, the absurdity, the humor of a meaty meatless meal.  She felt the joke needed to be shared and that is what I want to share.  She’s funny and she’s continuing the grand tradition of keeping humor at the center of the family.  Yeah there are plenty of not funny things happening (teething toddler), but when bacon black bean burgers bring out big laughs things are going pretty well.

My parents taught me long ago that laughter and smiles make everything easier.  They taught me the importance of being around and being with people that laugh and smile and find the humor in all things.  Now I get to spend my days with a wildly funny wife and our kids who laugh at everything….especially yanking glasses off of faces though that one we’re working on stopping.

One day the kids will laugh at adding bacon to veggie burgers too, and it will all be thanks to their mom.  One day they’ll roll their eyes at calling the burgers bavocado bacon black bean burgers strictly to keep the alliteration thing rolling and I will laugh at their disgust.  That is likely all thanks to my parents.  Thanks mom and dad!



I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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