People on the Highway

I love the first week of the “Spring Forward” Daylight Savings.  Not the part that involves the complete destruction of my children’s sleep patterns or waking up in the dark, but the morning commute is certainly amusing.  This entire week the average speed on my drive to taking kids to day care has been 50 miles per hour.  In a 55.  For one week every driver on the road has this shared experience of being just too dang tired to hit the speed limit.  It’s a regular bonding experience.  Next week every one will be adjusted to the time change and we’ll all go back to speeding, tailing and not signaling; but this week is amazing.

Moving just a little slower gives a bit more time to observe other drivers too.  I mean, we’ll still moving far too fast to really look at anything, but there’s a lot less blur at 50 than 55.  I digress.

Today’s tale: Detailed

Stopped at a traffic light I look to the my left and see a sparkling, shiny, nearly flawless looking Jeep Cherokee.  The low morning sun catches every curve of the machine.  Even the hubcaps look amazing.  This is a snazzy looking SUV.  It isn’t new, but it well loved.  The owner obviously takes good care of it and wants the automobile to look its best.

Having a hyper clean car right now is probably not the best thing.

The owner appears to be about my age, which likely contributes to the problem.

When I was young we had the tv news on in the morning.  9 News in the morning.  Morning people gabbed about feel-good news, puppies were paraded on screen, cooking lessons given, entertainment news was common, actual news briefs happened at times, and most importantly the day’s weather report was repeated over and over again.  We knew exactly what type of coat was needed for the day, when snow when turn to rain then snow again then ice over, we learned about wind chill and humidity that does not actually exist in Colorado.  Better yet, we got the outlook for the next five days.

The driver of the Cherokee seems like he grew up watching the inferior Channel 4 news, but the whole routine was likely the same.

Skip a couple decades and we arrive at this intersection.  Two early thirties guys on their morning commute.  You know what is not a common thing to do in the morning as an early 30s human?  Watch morning broadcast news. I get my news through a number of apps, rss feeds, alerts, websites; pretty much always informed about what is happening in the world.  This is wildly common.  I imagine another completely not unique for people of a certain age; I never check the weather days out.

Every morning at 6:30 I get a weather notification for what the day ahead has in store, but I don’t know what’s happening tomorrow.  I don’t even know why.  I took a ton of meteorology classes in college.  I like weather.  It is pretty cool.  Putting in the work to properly prepare for a week’s worth of weather though, that is not something I am keen on.

The Cherokee driver is in the same boat.  He spent Monday afternoon detailing every inch of his car, making it glisten from bumper to bumper.  It’s a ritual for him; a way to unwind and spend some time by himself.

It’s a ritual that probably should have been put off until next week.  At the end of the week drivers will go through another bonding experience; snow, the great destroyer of clean cars.  My wife told me.  She remembers to check her weather app.



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One thought on “People on the Highway

  1. Clearly this guy doesn’t have kids. Otherwise his version of “clean” would mean no Cheerios on the seat. Ah, the days of the luxury of being able to spend hours doing things like regularly cleaning cars. Or houses. Or…well, anything else. :>

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