“You could write about the adventures of one lone…adventurer…working their way through local vegetables and proteins and comboning them to create a new power source to keep the adventure moving along.  And be sure to describe the combinations in vivid detail.  You know what, you don’t even need the characters.  People will just want the combos,” Frank said from the couch.  A half empty bag of potato chips sat on the ground beside him as he stared at one of the great first-person-shooters that had been remade twelve times.

“I’m pretty sure that’s just a cook book, Frank.  Come on we need one good idea to present.  What else do you have?” Frederick sat at his desk making even bigger circles of ink on a pad of paper he had been staring at for hours.

“Ok, how about the story of a young man down on his luck.  He’s from a neighborhood in turmoil, and his mother sees the opportunity for him to have a better life across the country living with relatives he had never met.  The young man brings new life to the stodgy family he resides with, an aura of cool and curiosity exudes from his very core.  Before long, he’s basically running the place, but gets plenty of life lessons along the way,” Frank stopped his pitch as his character, once again, respawned.

“Is that…is that the French Prince?” Frederick questioned.

“I loved that show.  We pitch it, call it a reboot, everyone loves it, we get paid,” Frank reached for some chips.

“No, we something original.  What if we tell the story of lost child raised by a culture not his own and is suddenly forced to rejoin the people of his birth? There’s plenty of story in that! I’m typing it out,” Frederick thought he was on to something.

“Jungle Book.  Tarzan. Most of Madagascar.  Probably a Tim Allen movie somewhere along the line too,” Frank said.

“Darn it, Frank, why is this so hard!?” Frederick was losing his patience.

“Ok; original right here.  The story of a scientist who discovers an ancient stone full of dinosaur DNA….you know, I saw where I was going with that and I have my regrets already,” Frank continued his game.

“You know what? It’s three in the morning and I want sleep.  Let’s just pitch a reboot.  Live action Chip & Dale or animated Perfect Strangers, we’ll decide on the car ride to work,” Frederick tossed his pen and paper aside and joined Frank’s game.



I totally get why reboots are so common and I would also totally watch an animated Perfect Strangers.
Thanks for reading!


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