Sailing Away

“A cruise? You sure? With the tiny cabins and the Dramamine?” Corbin asked.

“Yeah, it’ll a fun break.  Work is slow that time of year for both of us.  It’ll be great. And I already bought the tickets,” James answered.

Corbin tried to hide a smirk, “You mean we’re going on a Poseidon Adventure of our own?”

James shook his head, “You’re going to do that thing now aren’t you?”

“I’ve already got my flippy-floppies, we’re going on a boat!” Corbin stood up from the couch and clapped his hands.

“You’re very embarrassing.  There’s no one here and I’m embarrassed for you,” James knew his words were no longer being heard.

“Just knowing we’re heading out to sea makes me feel like I’m king of the world,” Corbin was now standing on top of the couch.  “I hope there are quick stops to see coastal towns.  I’m sure those will be confined to three hour tours though.  How far are we heading out? Has to be less than 20,000 leagues right?”

“You nearly done?” James knew the answer was no.

“Our captain’s name is McHale no doubt,” Corbin said, for some reason marching around the living room, “All periscopes shall be down! Isaac will bring the drinks.  I hope there’s enough room, otherwise we’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

“Nothing about Battleship? James asked.

“That movie sucked,” Corbin shot back.

“Big finale time,” James prodded.

Corbin stalled, “um, uh, Speed 2 reference?”

James stared at Corbin, “You know, if you don’t want to go you can just say so.”

“This is so much more fun,” Corbin no longer hid his smirk.


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