Cafe Donnees

“Cajun style duck and green bean casserole?” Becca was not quite sure the restaurant knew what ‘fusion’ actually meant.

“The combination comes very highly recommended by our market research.  Your particular demographic seems to respond well to comfort foods and spicy foods.  This is a match made in algorithmic heaven,” the waiter explained the funky combo.

“Can we look over a menu before ordering?” Marcus asked.  He looked around the table.  Bread basket, salted butter tablets, half empty glasses of water served in tumblers; usual table stuff, but no menus.

“Polling data suggests that patrons presented with a menu offer suffer decision paralysis.  Here at Cafe Donnees, we take care of that little problem,” the waiter said, clapping his hands together and rubbing them together like a cartoon super villain.

“You know that does sound kind of nice,” Marcus said.

“Wonderful.  The rest of the meal will include corn tortilla chips and ketchup, a side dish of baked potato topped with gummi bears, the big entree dish, and top it all off with cheesecake!”

Becca was beginning to think the waiter was indeed a cartoon super villain.

“Chips and ketchup?” Marcus asked.

“The data shows those are above and beyond favored by fans of casual night-out eateries,” the waiter explained.

“I hate to ask, but what type of cheesecake?” Becca wondered.

“Butterscotch with balsamic vinaigrette,” the waiter answered.

“Because of the data?” Marcus asked.

“Because of the data,” the waiter answered.

“I’m thinking drive-thru burgers now.  Sound good?” Becca said, moving away from the table.

“I’m in,” Marcus followed.

“Take me with you,” the waiter pleaded.



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