The Merchant’s Wares

From time to time I procrastinate by looking at sites requesting content submissions.  This is mostly a hobby born of my immense ego.  Recently I found a brand new site just getting up and running and I thought I would investigate it a bit more.  The name caught my eye.  Turns out the page was being earnestly run by a teenager with an apparent love for the fun and joy of story telling and wanted to make an honest go of running a web based short story site.  When I was a teenager my brother, a friend, and I started a Warcraft guild called “Water Tree Friars” so our clan tag could be “WTF”.  We were saddened to learn WTF was not allowed, but giggled so much (we wound up using Friar_ as the tag, still funny, but disappointing at the time).

So seeing a site being cared for by a much better person than I was at that age, I had to offer the best support I am currently capable of and that is providing content.  I submitted an older story and it was accepted by the site, always a cool thing.  So when you get a chance, click here, read my story and stick around to support a phenomenal young person doing something great and wonderful and showing the drive and determination to do a very hard task.  I am wildly impressed by her professionalism and care for putting together a solid product and hope nothing but the very best for the endeavor.

Go read The Merchant’s Wares over at The Drowning Gull (the perfect lit site title) by clicking the funny blue letters.


Comments welcome!

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