I Know a Bad Idea When I Have One

Yesterday was one of those rare days of just the boys and me hanging out. I made terrible mistakes. 

I think parents are generally pretty good at instantly seeing the flaw in any action.  As I spent my day being completely outwitted, outsmarted, and outrun by young people I found myself saying, “well, that’s not going to end well.”

It was a day of just really dumb mistakes.  Breakfast was eggs, milk and a cookie.  At least they ate part of their breakfast though!

We started the day with immunizations for the toddler and a well-child check on the firstborn (‘well child check’ is all about proper interpretation of the words, he was not stuck in a subterranean nightmare for the day).  At the doctor’s office I put the toddler down and instantly he found the medical waste trashcan.  He was redirected to puzzles soon thereafter.

As I was putting him on the ground I saw the orange trashcan, saw a few minutes into the future and knew better than to place the kid where I did. I did not listen to myself though.

We came back from the doctor, ate lunch, finished the box of cookies (they were Girl Scout Cookies, so that’s pretty much the rule) and went outside.  The toy item of choice? Croquet mallets and the unnervingly heavy balls used in the game.

I thought nothing of it until the firstborn tossed the mallet over his shoulder.  The toddler followed suit.  Before long heavy mallets and balls were just swinging and rolling wildly.  I could only stand aside and hope to stay out of range.  It was a bad idea. I knew it was a bad idea as it was happening, but could not stop myself.  I’ll count it as a win that no major injury occurred.

The day was a good reminder of a couple of things.  First, parents who spend all day every day with their children are basically olympians and I want to know all their secrets for staying energized.  Second, mistakes are going to happen and the kids will make it through them.  Dumb things will happen.  Dumb things will happen because the parent set events into motion.  So long as those dumb things involve cookies, things will probably work out just fine.



5 thoughts on “I Know a Bad Idea When I Have One

  1. “…parents who spend all day every day with their children are basically olympians and I want to know all their secrets for staying energized.”

    Truth? We don’t. We just claw our way through every day until it’s bedtime and then start all over the next day.

    It does get better. Promise. And it sounds like your boys had fun, and that’s wonderful. Just…try not to make cookies for breakfast a new food group. 😀

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  2. In your defense, concerning the orange waste trash can, you have to wonder why the doctor’s office had it in a place where a young child could get into it, especially if it’s the kind of place that treats a lot of children.

    Unless of the course the trash bin was in a high, out of the way place, and you have a tiny Nathan Drake on your hands.

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  3. My mom used to say “another great idea, sue.” (to herself when her plan failed miserably) hahah

    My hubby and I look at one another, hmmm…well, that didn’t go like I had intended. Whoops. Have them think it’s their idea, not yours. Yeah, I can’t do that. That takes patience, being clever enough to think quickly on your feet. That’s not me. I’m mom- do what I say- hear me roar. My 12 year old is okay, but the 10 year old already out-maneuvers me. Even after cookies…but I gave you a cookie. Yeah, can I have some candy now.

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