Worth the Price

“What’re you doing?” He asked, eyes still heavy with sleep.

“No, no, don’t wake up,” she replied.  Her face was lit with the glow of a seemingly always on cell phone.

“You know it is, like, 3 in the morning right?” he asked.  He was rattled awake by the sudden chill of the night.  Despite being fully awake and not needing them, she had stolen his share of the covers.

“I only get so many lives per hour and right now I am at my maximum efficiency,” she tapped her screen rapidly.

“Friggin’ freemium games.  Go to sleep soon, okay?” He muttered some more, yanked his portion of the comforter back to his side of the bed and nodded off. She lost a life, cursed, and played on.



Seriously though…
Thanks for reading!


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