I work a tech job.  Big shock, I know.  Recently, my company rolled out a real time chat tool for users of our software that need help with it (or more likely broke it and need the .  Nothing quite like solving complex computer issues over IM.  So I’ve been the guinea pig for the project.

What strikes me about the whole thing is how very not-new this style of support is.  Let’s take a look at nonverbal tech support through the ages:

Telegraph Operator

Incoming Transmission: Dear Sirs, it appears that our ox yokes have ceased function! STOP

Operator: In what manner has the function ceased? STOP

Incoming: The infernal contraption has maligned its own shape at its very core! STOP

Operator: Have you tried taking them off and putting them back on again? STOP

Incoming: That has fixed the predicament quite well! STOP


Pony Express

(1860, rider travels for a week on horseback, crossing treacherous terrain and fending off wild animals with nothing more than their wit and nerve, delivers an oversize envelop)

Recipient reads over the documents then;Well  no one said the well had a top and bottom! No wonder it isn’t working right. If I had known we wouldn’t have had a problem.

Smoke Signaler

Fire across the valley: three clouds of smoke


I said my stuff. What do you want to say? Comment below!

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