Common Conversations with My Toddler


Hey, buddy.  What do you have there?  A crayon, huh?  Can I see it?


I know I say ‘see with your eyes not your hands’, but I never really mean that.  I just don’t like when your brother plays with my phone and parents lie, like, pretty much all the time.

Hey! Get back here with that!

Aha! I got you!  Yeeeeaaaah, I see your smile.  You think you’re cute? You are, but you don’t need to know that.

Goodness you have some grip.  Is the crayon part of you now?  How are you doing this?

The crayon is going to dematerialize if you do not let it loose.

You can’t just run around the house with a big blue crayon.  Not anymore.  You don’t remember what you did to the couch, but it was not very nice.

Got it! Phew.  Good work.  I’m keeping this though.

Until next time.



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