People on the Highway

It has been a long couple of days.  Oldest kiddo took a kick to the face at daycare (turns out you have to step away from the slide instead of watching the next kid come down it).  He’s been nursing a fat lip for days.  Not one to be left out, the toddler decided that tripping over his feet and slamming his mouth into a bed frame was just a dandy idea.  He followed that by getting teething related fevers.  It has been a long couple of days of very displeased children.

Some days you just need a win, you know?  This morning I got a little win in the form of a dirty BMW zipping down the highway.

Today’s Tale: Special Delivery

Morning sun feels brighter than normal.  A cloudless sky is pretty much the last thing any driver wants in this commute.  Arms are reaching for sunshades and adjusting sunglasses all over the road.  It is the heat of those blasted sun rays that most concerns driver Tyler Campo.

Tyler is driving dirt covered, mid-2000s model BMW.  It was given to him as a birthday present by his parents.  Tyler knew a childhood where every whim was allowed, every desire fulfilled; everything he wanted he got.  Responsibility, consequence? He knew the words, but did not understand the ideas.  He was asked to take out the garbage once and paid his neighbor to do it.  Tyler was a putz.  Like, “if you look up the word in the dictionary your picture will be there too” definitive putz.

He’s working on it though.  He finished college recently and in his last semester realized he knew nothing of the world.  His mind broke, he reflected on actions and figured out that he had spent his life letting the world happen around him.  He had no impact, he consumed and observed, but he did not contribute or add anything to the experience of those around him.  He only took and when he realized that his heart sank.

He’s at an age where responsibility is not readily given and even if he had responsibility it would be such a foreign thing to him that he’d probably goof something up anyway.  To correct the mistakes of his past though, he is seeking responsibility.  Nothing too major right now; make the office coffee run, make cold calls for the firm his father helped land him a job with, run virus scans for coworkers that do not quite understand the process.  He’s learning to be helpful, responsible adult one day at a time.  It sucks, but he’s working on it.

This morning, he zips through traffic.  He’s in a hurry.  There’s no time to signal.  There’s no time to allow proper space between his bumper and the car he’s darting in front of in the lane over.  The sun is beating down on his car and things are about to get messy.

His mother called him and asked him for a favor last night.  His mother had never asked for a favor before.  His mother had never trusted him with a favor before.  Last night was a turning point in his life.  She asked him to pick up something for his aunt’s birthday party.  He is not about to mess up now.  Not now that his own mother trusts him with a favor.

He’s darting through traffic with a single minded focus.  He has to get an ice cream cake to his parents’ house at any and all costs; fellow drivers be darned!  He has a special delivery to make.

He did forget to call work and let them know he was going to be in late.  There’s only so much responsibility he can handle at once.
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