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My mom’s friend’s aunt’s neighbor has a cat groomer with a coworker who’s wife is making $4000 just by using the internet!*  With a fantastic opportunity provided by the fine people at Knot Reel Online Industry you too can work for half an hour a day and bring in the big bucks!** Who wouldn’t want to have more free time*** and worry less about money?**** Just click this***** and start rolling in the big bucks today!******  I was skeptical at first, but after seeing the cat groomer’s coworker’s wife run through the system*******I was convinced this system******** worked!  I signed up********* right away and now I am making the big bucks at home too!**********  Click the link and you too can be a winner like me!***********


*technically it is a listsrv email agent from the late 90s used mostly by people spouting implausible conspiracies.
**actual deer.
***Free time to clean the deer
****less time to available to worry about money because there will be a large woodland creature in your home demanding your immediate attention
*****Do not copy and paste the link as this many Ts in a row may tell computers to melt themselves in some instances.  Just click, trust me.
******Please do not roll with the deer.  They hate this.
*******opening a web browser
********web browser
*********opened my web browser
**********I am trapped in my office.  The deer will not leave my basement and have such powerful legs and jaws.  I’m scared and hungry.
***********I won an online poker game once.



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