Movies Trailers (For Movies Based on Benjamin Franklin Quotes)

(Teens, around a camp fire, lightning bugs zipping about, crickets chirping, surrounded by tall trees with only the glow of the flame to light the woods)

“Did you guys hear about the accountant that went on a murder spree?”

“That’s just an urban legend, Kenny, stop trying to scare us”

“Wait, did you guys hear that?”

“That sounds like the keys on a calculator that uses those old school tape rolls!”

“Run for your lives!”

This April, nothing is certain but….Death and Taxes



(dirty alleyway between red brick towers, rain pouring in sheets, two silhouettes are seen under a flickering street lamp inexplicably placed in an alley way)

“I swear, I’ll take this to my grave!”

“Me too.  My lips are sealed!”

“Well, you’re both right.”

This summer, three may keep a secret if two of them are dead.  See Poor Richard.



(classroom setting, half erased chalk board at front of the room, hamster cage on a counter with an empty wheel just spinning)

She was talented, but not a show-off.  Her teacher was having none of it.

“You have to use your gifts, sweet one!”

“But they’ll all laugh at me!”

“Hide not your talents, for use they were made!”

This November, Sundial in the Shade



(pitch black room, panicked voices, shuffling footsteps)

“Curse you darkness! Curse you!”

This Halloween.  Light a Candle.



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