Jokes That Cause My Kids to Just Stare Right Back at Me. 


What I am really enjoying of late, with the four year old in particular, is telling dumb jokes that will obviously not go over well. I’m sure my friends will say I’ve been doing this most of life, but with a kid audience it is much more fun. So here are two sight gags I tried out recently that did not even get a pity laugh from my sons. Probably an eye roll from my wife, but those are quite common. 

We picked up a new tea steeper (I think that’s the phrase, I’m new to tea). Thing that holds leaves in hot water; long, direct name. It is shaped like a manatee. Therefore, it makes Mana-tea. It is the greatest kitchen tool ever made. 

It is a pun not yet understood though. So when I really stressed the joke, the four year old just stared back at me for a moment and moved on. It was the greatest kitchen tool pun failure ever. I didn’t even get a patronizing “you’re silly, dad.”  I’m totally ok with patronizing. 

Sight gag number 2 involved a new addition to our gaming line up. Disney Infinity is pretty cool and using some of the characters we picked up weplayed 90210.  

When hearing that one, the four year old gave me a “that’s great dad” look and made sure I pressed start. 

Luke and Perry. Luke Perry

It was gold! Solid gold!  

Long ago the oldest would laugh when I laughed. It was important for him to feel part of the moment, in on the joke. As he ages and tries to understand more of the word around him, he has stopped pretending to understand and just wants to an explanation. I am very pleased that he’s interested in the reason things are funny (or not), but man one fake laugh every now and then would be great too. 


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