Short Stories

I spend far too much time on the web and keep seeing blogs, Twitter, NPR, middle school English classes probably; everywhere I look there are four to six word stories.  They are amazing! Brevity of language used to illicit strong emotion and create vivid imagery.  Quite a skill and the masters of the medium are artists.

I am not.  Here now, my take on the six word story.

Hamster cage filling smelling worse daily.

Found empty of once molding bagels.

Ignoring status updates while watching Netflix.

Realize it was a wasted night.

Fish in the microwave again, Bob?

Anniversary dinner spent alone this year.

Licked a battery and taste potato.

My face! Bees! Ow my face!

See trending hashtag with their name.

Scarf’s stuck in an elevator door.

Roses were left on the bus.

Chicken parm came back with vengeance.

Dog walking has gone terribly awry.

Fixed speed bike is awful uphill.

This is hard. Four five six.

Car on roadside with hazards on.

Pain started ten long hours ago.

Little known fact; burritos are awesome.


Thanks for reading!


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