Name Drop

“Anything I should know about this party?” Ty asked while adjusting his tie.  The party in question was no where near formal enough to necessitate a necktie, but Ty loved the joke.

“Don’t offer tequila to Barb and do not start a conversation about fish with Tom.  If you start talking about fish with Tom we will never leave,” answered Deb.  It was her office “end-of-fiscal-year bar blow out!!!!” and spouses were expected to attend, even though it is universally agreed that attending work parties for spouses is incredibly awful.  Ty was trying his hardest to find something fun about the night ahead.

“What about that Jake guy?  The one you told me about with the, the uh, the what’d you call it?” Ty lost his words.

“Jake? You want to talk to Jake? Oh, honey, you,” Deb wanted to warn of Jake with the ‘verbal vomit disorder’, but thought the evening would be so much more fun without a true warning.  She was glad Ty could not see her devilish grin as she finished her thought, “you will certainly want to talk about his mini-golf championship tour days.”  She laughed to herself and readied for an evening.

Arriving at the bar and getting by the bouncer went smoother than Ty ever remembered happening.  He hoped they would have had to stay in line for some time, like in college when he looked like he could not afford a two-drink minimum.  Not any more.  He cursed the tie.

Deb took his hand and guided him through the bar and over the dance floor to her coworkers.  High pitched hellos and quick hugs were exchanged, parties introduced and drinks ordered.  Ty readied for a long night as he handed the waitress $45 for two martinis.

“Jake!” Deb shouted as the last colleague arrived.  “This is my husband, Ty.  You two need to chat.  You’ll get along famously.  Talk! I’ll check back later.”

“Ty in a tie, love that,” Jake said.  “I am sorry for being late.  I was across town at the Tracio Gracio gallery, checking out Yorddd’s new painting.  Have to say, Yorddd has shown fantastic growth since ditching her old mentor Red Garcia.  She’s working under Blue Lopez now and the work speaks for itself.  I must admit, I probably had one too many at the gallery though.  Get me and Lyle Petty in a room though and I need a drink.  Thankfully, Bear Walker was there to keep the drinks coming.  Jackie Dart was there too, in that awful wig she says is not a wig, but we all know it is.  It didn’t matter though because that Stuart Stewart guy, from that soap on Channel 4, was emceeing the night.  Totally a great day.”

Jake paused to say hello to another coworker.  Ty paused to break down the cascade of words that came out of the stranger.

“So, Ty, that’s why I’m here now instead of earlier than now,” Jake said turning back to a still stunned Ty.

“Uh, well, um, glad you made it.  How’s the mini-golf treating you these days?” Ty asked.

Jake gave a confused look and an uncomfortable smile, “Ha! Funny guy.  Ty, excuse me I’m going to track down a waitress and get a drink.  Maybe a number too! Oh!”  Jake slapped Ty’s shoulder and walked away.

Deb appeared just as Jake walked away.

“What the heck just happened there?” Ty asked his wife.

“Jake is in sales.  He talks.  Lots.  Like, way more than a person should,” Deb said.

“He name dropped people I couldn’t possibly know.  Why would he do that?  I think he made a couple up too.  Bear Walker? That can’t be real,” Ty was confused.

“Try not to think about it, sweets.  Let’s get another drink and maybe some nachos,” Deb said trying to comfort him.  She was wildly entertained.



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