I’ve had a cough/cold/general bleh combined with laryngitis for about three days now.  No post yesterday because at some point during the day I laughed at a joke no one said and did not exactly remember laughing.  Either my brain has melted or the medicine got to me and believe it or not I do want to focus on providing amusing content (note that’s not ‘good’ or ‘well planned’).

As far as laryngitis goes, it is really not a bad illness to get as a blogger.  You can’t hear my gritty reboot Batman voice that will sometimes shift to 13 year old going through a voice change.  It really works out for me online (day job stuff got a little tiresome though).

I had to wonder what occupation would be most affected by laryngitis; a swelling of the larynx causing coughing, vocal problems, sore throat, and grumpiness (not an official symptom, but it certainly comes with it).

Medical doctors would be hit hard trying to explain their prescriptions, but could always have someone else write down what they say.

Construction workers couldn’t yell over loud equipment, but could use said tools.

Teachers would be SOL, but kids love movie days.

The professional custom quilter gets no sympathy from me, that job would be awesome no matter the health situation.

The list went on and on; oyster divers, fishermen, wainwrights, nautical compass makers, boat-in-bottle makers, mostly sea related jobs for reasons I’m sure I need to discuss at great length with a therapist.

Then it hit me; the most difficult job to do with laryngitis is:


That results in a kid’s birthday party cancellation and a late month for rent.  Silenced puppets everywhere.

Thanks for reading.  May your week be full of good health and a loud voice.


Comments welcome!

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