Bar Band

Fun with sound! Play the track and read below.


We’d like to thank you all for coming out tonight.  Thanks to Big Joey T and the Cross Bar for having us.  I’m Hank and we are The Three Little Pigs.

Ricky, on guitar here, would like me to apologize for miffing that line.  Apparently it is “Crash into me” and not, as I sang, “Crashed into bee”.  I have been grossly misinterpreting that song for a long, long time.

Rico on bass.  He rocked that 10 minute solo on that Hootie classic, didn’t he?  Big hand for Rico.

Rita on drums, keeping us all on beat.  Lucky to have her with us.  She just toured with a Phish tribute band, tribute band called Sticks.  Ricky and I thought we were going to a very different show when we got tickets at the door for the set we met Rita at, but things worked out just fine.

Quick message from the bar, the pickled eggs are not free.  Nor are they eggs.  So, if you’ve been sneaking objects out of the jar and consuming them, please see management for the antidote.  Three driver’s licenses have been found tonight.  Recreate the photo and you get the license back.

Quite a groove they have going here, eh?  Best band in the world right here!

Second best maybe.  I’ve seen Blues Traveler like thirty times.  No one better than the Popper to set a stage on fire.  You all have enough beer out there?  We’re just gettin’ started up here!

Ready to get back to it?  Here’s Wonderwall.




I’ve only seen one bar band live.  Stage banter.  Fun.
Thanks for reading!


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