The Robot

The committee wanted an update. Pierre was far from ready.

“Jasi! I thought you said the committee didn’t want anything until of semester!”  Pierre screamed at his robotics partner.  She was busy with other things, but Pierre needed answers.

“Jasi,” he said, storming into her room, “I just an email from the committee.  They said they want to see the prototype at the end of the week.”

Jasi laughed, “you’re pulling my leg, right? They said we had until the end of semester.  It’s, like…not that yet.  Not that yet at all.”

Pierre sent her the email and waited for her response.

“Those rats!” Jasi said.

“The bot can only tweet ‘yo mama’ jokes and shell hard boiled eggs,” Pierre shouted.

“Poorly!” Jasi shouted back as she opened up the bot’s code on her computer.

“What was our goal? Why did they give us money to make this thing?” Pierre was stressing out.

“I don’t even remember writing the grant request, man,” Jasi said.

“Ok, ok, how do make this thing revolutionary? How is a yo mama tweeting, egg shelling robot going to change the world by Friday?” Pierre said, running his hands through his long, luxurious hair.

“How is that not already changing the world?” Jasi asked while tapping at her computer.

Jasi always had a way of triggering ideas in Pierre.  “Jasi! You’re a genius.  We don’t have to change much.  We just have to say we’re changing the world and the funding will keep flowing.”

The end of the week came and with it, a meeting with the committee.  Jasi and Pierre stood at the front of room and gave their finest presentation.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Pierre started, “I present to you ChangeBot.  Its purpose is to interface directly with international corporations and raise the company’s awareness of their problems facing public relations.”

Jasi had not reviewed the speech and leaned to Pierre for clarification of the statement.  “Is that why we had it tweet ‘yo mama so ugly, radio  DJs pity her’ to MerrillLynch?” she whispered.

Pierre nodded yes and continued with his speech.

“It is also helping prepare food for children,” Pierre told the committee.

“I don’t get that one,” Jasi questioned.

Pierre leaned to Jasi’s ear and whispered, “I had an egg the other day and have a mother.  Technically, I’m somebody’s child.”

Jasi nodded her agreement.

“So, esteemed members of the committee, know that your funds are going to a tool that will revolutionize the way robots are used in our world.  Thank you for your trust,” Pierre concluded.

Applause filled the room.

“I think I speak for all of us,” said one of the committee members, “we are happy to be taking part in such a socially conscious project.  You will be funded for years to come.”

Pierre and Jasi returned to their lab after the meeting.

“What in the world happened there?” Jasi asked.

“Pretty sure our funding came down to buzzwords,” Pierre said.

“The world is a funny place,” Jasi said, shaking her head.



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