Fun with Historical References

Ever wonder what modern cultural items would look like in a different time and place? No? Well, here are some anyway:


Team Orville or Team Wilbur, never both.


Magna Carta deal finished over Skype.

The Marathon Runner just wanted to deliver his mix tape

Teddy Roosevelt straight up smacking safari loving dentists

Cleopatra on magazine ads for hair product with a slogan, “Maybe She’s Reincarnated With It”

Babe Ruth*

The Man in the Iron Mask complaining about cell service.

Teddy Roosevelt up San Juan Hill on a hoverboard

Cook arrives at Easter Island and checks in.

Troy forgets to change their password; Greeks never build a horse, go right in.

Captain Edward John Smith’s last text to the lookout: “No, we only have romaine on board.”

Atilla with a YouTube BBQ show called “The Hunn-ting Ground”

Marie Antoinette runs a lifestyle blog you hate-read daily.

Socrates shouts “YOLO” still, because he heard a student say it years ago.

William of Orange regrets a mustache tattoo on his finger.

Sun Tzu is really angry about GRRM’s missed deadline.



Aaaand that’s about it. Thanks for reading!






2 thoughts on “Fun with Historical References

  1. Ha ha, that’s a fun idea. Kind of scary, also. Let me try a couple:

    George Washington Crosses the Potomac While Bumping His Favorite Song, Lonely Island’s “I’m on a Boat”

    Hitler Releases Internet Rant About ‘Downfall’ Rant Parodies; His Rant about Rants Goes Viral

    Donner Party Survivors Premiere new Wilderness Survival Show on Discovery

    Artemisia Gentileschi Opens New Art Gallery in Venice; Reporters Spend All Night Asking About Her Dress and Whether or Not She’s Seeing Anybody

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