Amy and Deck Bake a Cake

“Ok, we’ve made it this far.  Should we just finish out the night like normal people?” Amy asked.

She and her husband, Deck, were hiding themselves in the kitchen preparing to take an over sized layered caked to their dinner party guests.

Deck’s eyes shot back and forth from Amy’s face to the cake, “This is the only way we get to them to leave at a reasonable hour.  I have a presentation at the office tomorrow.  You have that gallery thing.  We need our sleep.”

“You’re right, you’re right.  Let’s do this,” Amy said.

Deck lifted the towering, vanilla frosting slathered, expertly decorated cake that Amy had spent the night before constructing and walked it to the dining room.

“And for dessert!” Amy said with feigned enthusiasm and a forced smile as she opened the door from the kitchen to the dining room.  Deck smiled and placed the cake at the center of the table.

Their guests smiled and laughed.  “This looks amazing!  Amy-zing!” Yuri joked.  He was wildly drunk.

“Amy this is so nice,” Amaleah said.

Matthew and Ted said in unison, “Thanks, Ams!”  Matthew was first to say, ‘jinx!” and Ted was resigned to finishing his wine in silence.

As the excitement slowed and Amy pulled a cake knife to begin serving, the crowd gasped.  The cake began to shake and from its very core a shriek rang out.

“What is happening?” Matthew said as his face filled with terror.

“Oh my goodness what is that?” Amaleah shouted.

The crowd at the table shot out of their seats and scrambled to put space between them and the demon cake.

“Your house is the weirdest place!” Matthew screamed over the sounds of the cake.

Frosting exploded from the cake, splattering against the wall and covering the guests, now all screaming as one collective unit.  It would otherwise have been a great bonding moment.

The cake crumbled away and from the center emerged a beast reminiscent of a rat, turtle and HR Pufnstuf.  The creature’s face dripped with red drool and tiny clawed arms waved around in the air.  Fur and phlegm now covered what had been a rather impressive looking cake.  The creature’s screams were like a saw cutting through thick wire while a dog barked in the distance.

“We were told about this!” Deck shouted.  “Flee, flee for your lives, my friends! The beast of Barkley Park has chosen us for its next meal! Run while you can! I’ll fend off the monster!”

The dinner guests ran single file out the front door, to their cars and off into the night.  All before 8:00pm.

Amy and Deck looked at each other, standing alone in the dining room.

“There’s frosting everywhere,” Deck said.

“I’d normally charge $1200 for a cake like that,” Amy said of her baked tool of deception.

“We bought a 3d printer to make that rat thing.  I learned about arduino tech to make it all work,” Deck said.  His jaw hanged open as he thought on the evening.

“How’d you make it drool like that?” Amy asked.

“Water pump and $40 of fake blood mixed with rice water,” Deck informed her.  He set his remote control for the animatronic fright on the table.

“Impressive,” Amy said.  She returned to the dining room with towels and spray cleaners and began fixing the room.

“Did you hear Ted get jinxed?” Deck said, joining in on clean up.

“He did not say a word during the rat monster cake explosion.  Dude’s committed,” Amy said.

“We’ll have to have them over again.  What a fun night,” Deck said.




Deck and Amy need to get over this whole confrontation fear they have.
Thanks for reading!

I’ll stop writing about Amy and Deck when it stops being fun.
Here are some other dinner parties they hosted.

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The Continuing Dinner Party Calamities of Deck and Amy



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