The Continuing Dinner Party Calamities of Deck and Amy

“Shed no tears for the dead, for they have taken their final steps.  Weep not for their loss, for we learn from the absence.  Once we uncover their treasures, we will understand all they have left for us,” the man in a pith helmet said as he took yet another swing with his pick-ax.

“That’s well and good, but,” Amy started.

“We are on the cusp of greatness! This is our hour!” The pithy man shouted as the ax collided with its target.

“But that’s not,” Deck said, cringing as the ax hit.

“This map,” the adventurer said, waving a torn up bit of old parchment paper in the faces of Amy and Deck, “this map was written by the Freemasons and guides us to a treasure underneath this very spot!” The adventurer was shaking with excitement.

Ted, watching from the dinner table, sipped his wine and chimed in, “That’s National Treasure, right? We’re watching a Nic Cage classic unfold?”

“It’s still early, this may go all Tom Clancy novel on us,” Yuri said shoveling another bite of Chicken Parmesan into his mouth.

“Should we help them out?” Amaleah asked, still seated at her spot.

The dinner party had taken an odd twist.

“Sweetie, I don’t think there is helping this situation,” Matthew said.  His wine glass was long ago emptied for the fourth time.

Deck began moving breakables out of the curio cabinet he had finally put together, after sitting for weeks in the Ikea boxes, and placing them on the dining room table around his guests.

The unknown adventurer turned to the dining young adults, “We’ll find Curly’s gold yet!”

Matthew slapped the table, “that’s City Slickers” he shouted with glee.

Amy held in a laugh and gave an awkward smile, “what do you mean?”

“Once found, well this gold will belong in a museum!” The uninvited adventurer and party crasher cackled.

Amaleah understood that reference, “Indiana! I know that one!”

“Strange sir,” Amy said, grabbing the treasure hunter’s shoulders, “I think it is time you should leave.” She pushed him to the door.

“Amy,” he said, leaning into her ear and whispering, “you sure? I can keep going if you want.”

“Get out or I will be forced to call the police,” Amy said for the crowd to hear.

The adventurer whispered to her once more, “ok, sure, I’ll see you and Deck and improve next week.”  Then he shouted at the dinner guests, “I’ll be back for the gold I tell you! And I’ll bring my little dog too!”

Ted squinted his eyes in bewilderment, “Wizard of Oz? That doesn’t keep with the theme.”

The front door slammed shut and as mysteriously as the adventurer came barging into the dinner party, he was gone.

“So your neighbors are a bit odd,” Yuri said, “is that why rent is so low?”

“I wish that were the reason,” Deck said, “gang, I hate to say it, but we need to call it a night.  Amy and I will be cleaning up this mess for hours.”

“We can stay and help,” Amaleah offered.

“No, no, we’ll get it.  You guys get out of here before it gets too much darker out,” Amy said as she shooed her guests out the door.  As the friends piled into their cars and their tail lights became little more than red dots at the end of the street, Amy stormed into the now ax-chopped dining room and was sure steam was pouring from her ears.

“Deck I told you to ask Barry to bring a sudden end to tonight’s dinner party.  You brought Gary.  Gary is crazy!”

“This is why we should text our escape plans.  My phone reception is terrible.  I thought you were crazy for wanting Gary from improv class, but I thought you had a plan,” Deck said as he picked apart the splintered floor.

“How do we even fix this?” Amy asked.

“Barry would know,” Deck said.  Amy slapped his shoulder.




Deck and Amy seriously need to learn to say no every once in a while.
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Read about their first dinner party here:


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